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Responsive Web Design

Wix Agency

We inspire you to thrive!

You are brilliant.

You are smart enough to know that Wix is one of the best platforms for your business. It’s simple to build a basic site, it offers all the analytics you could possibly want, it’s optimized for mobile, and it offers industry-leading SEO. You know you want that, even if you don't 100% understand exactly what it is.

You are an entrepreneur. You’re busy launching your brand, building relationships, being the boss. You have ideas flowing faster than you can keep up with.

You are brilliant, but you’re not a marketer, web designer, and/or graphic designer.  You get to the point you realize you don’t have the time. We understand building and growing a business is difficult enough and you want to really maximize your Wix website. 

Sound familiar?

Wix Web Design Templates

CIS Agency is here for you. We have partnered with Wix to support, build, and create your perfect website for your business. Our graphic and web designers will create the visual aesthetics you are looking for. Through our strategic partnership, we are able to provide support to all Wix websites.

  • We help businesses leave a more powerful image in people’s minds, thus increasing sales and gaining customers while saving money.

  • We help companies communicate their messages through social media, online and traditional marketing methods.

  • We offer clients high-quality marketing solutions and proven customer service strategies.

  • We help businesses use interactive collaborative solutions.


Who we are? 

CIS Agency includes a group of enthusiastic professionals with experience in business consulting and coaching, marketing solutions, social media, web development, video, graphic design, and much more to help businesses achieve an outstanding corporate image. We understand that a business image is one of the most valuable assets to your company and is critical in achieving your short and long-term goals.

Our Core Values or Fundamental Beliefs are set forth to establish our identity as an organization. These values are the foundation of our company and inherently affect every decision we make. When you partner with us you will be receiving more than just corporate image services, you will be partnering with a company based on: 

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • Determination

  • Dependability

  • Innovation

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Professionalism

  • Proactivity   

  • Excellence 

We're on a Mission:

To enhance small businesses, using branding with creativity to improve the way the public views them online, in print, in pictures, videos, and multi-media productions.

Our Vision:

To lead the corporate image industry by helping companies improve their public perception through clear communications, branding, and vivid visual arts.

Whether you need help just once to create your website or want ongoing monthly support to maximize your web traffic, CIS Agency has the tools, relationships, and experience to give you everything you need to create the website that perfectly reflects your business. This means you spend less time programming in front of a computer screen and more time dreaming up new, big ideas.  

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