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4 Easy Ways to Improve Engagement on Social Media

We can all agree that social media can be a bit of a sea monster these days and with social media algorithms focusing mainly on engagement and ads, it's not getting easier.

We all want our stories to matter. We want to be heard. However, it often feels like we are plunking pebbles into the bottomless void of the internet when what we really want to do is to make some waves (or at the least some ripples).

At CIS Agency we've learned the best engagements consist of genuine stories.

How do you take information and translate that into a relatable story? We are glad you asked! We have used these methods in the past and want to pass them onto you.

So let's wade into the waters of social media together. Did anyone just cringe like they saw a sea monster from the deep? Here are a few techniques we have used to get your story to make its own ripples in an online sea of information and tame the sea monster of social media.

  1. Length Matters - What is the goal for your post? Do you want the customer to click through to your website? Do you want engagement and comments? Do you simply want to be seen? We've noticed that longer-length posts that are written with heart tend to engage readers on a deeper level. Readers stick around to read the whole post and are likely to walk away with a positive feeling about your company. While short posts that get right to the point may generate higher click through to yours or another website. So think about the goal and which length is right for your business.

  2. Photographs Matter- You want readers to connect with your business on a genuine level and oftentimes candid photos will do a better job than professional (or stock) photos. With social media it's not always expected to have the perfect shot, what's expected is a real, and authentic shot.

  3. Hashtags Matter- A great story means little if no one sees what you've written. Using hashtags allows your content to be more searchable for readers interested in particular topics. Think about categories your business falls into.

  4. Videos Matter: Nothing says authenticity faster than a video. You can show your customer your style, demeanor, and attitude in seconds. This can be both positive and negative. We've all seen the videos that make it onto the news pouring bad press onto companies. The key to a good video is to remember to be kind in what you say and do. Thinking in this way will make videos feel natural and well-executed.

So no matter what social media seas you are charting right now at CIS Agency there are quick and easy ways to engage your audience. You don't have to fight a Kraken to win at this. You only need to find a few pointed ways (we recommend a trident) to share what you already are doing day today. Does this seem too overwhelming? Let CIS help you with your social media needs today. GET A QUOTE!

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