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7 Steps from going from Unemployed to Self Employed in 2022

Unfortunately, many people are facing the devastating struggle of unemployment due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Even great employers are having to pull back and make cuts they don't want to. It's the sad reality we are currently facing.

So what do you do when unemployment causes your future to be in jeopardy?

Could unemployment be your hidden opportunity?

CIS Agency was founded with these challenging questions and equally difficult uphill business climb. We encourage you to turn downsizing into an upside by striking out on your own.

From plumbers and electricians to financial guidance and copywriting, many are starting up their own businesses and marketing themselves to friends and family first, then outward from there.

Here are some simple steps to start this process for yourself. It could be your time to be self-employed.

  1. Register your business with your state. More information here.

  2. Get help and advice from companies like Score.

  3. Contact a business coach if you want tailored advice like Legacy Leadership Consulting.

  4. Create a logo, website, and branding. At CIS Agency we specialize in creating all this for your business from affordable prices to custom plans.

  5. Market to your contacts first and ask for referrals. Here are more tips for effective marketing strategies.

  6. Analyze your local competition. See what they do well and where they struggle. This will give you an idea of where you can stand out in the market. Learn more here.

  7. Above all, work hard, do your best and learn from your mistakes.

It's time to take your future into your own hands and step out on your own. Take the first step to getting your name out there by creating a website and begin your journey today!

Looking for more tips and ideas? Contact your local chamber or visit the SBA website.

Do you need a Wix template to get started? Choose a Wix template here.

Need Help? Get in touch with our business development team @ 313.737.2899

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