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A Simple Organizational Health Checklist

How healthy is your organization?

Checklist for Business Owners

Diagnose corporate illness with an annual organizational health check-up!

If your business, or organization shows signs of the blahs, it may be time for your annual health check-up. Don’t wait until dangerous diseases take their toll. Avoid risk to your organization. Act fast.

You can quickly measure the state of your company’s wellness with the checklist below. If you spot impending illness early, it’s easier to find a cure.

CIS Agency inspires small business leaders to see their image as an asset. We help with initial research regarding your business operation, mission, vision, and goals. We evaluate your logo, tagline message, and online presence. We analyze everything from management strategies to marketing plans, providing solutions that will put your organization in a position to aim up to the next level – a healthier and happier organization.

Checkmark questions below whenever you are unable to give a ‘Yes’ answer:

Take your small business temperature:

  • Has your mission been identified and put in writing?

  • Is your mission posted in a prominent place for all employees and customers to see?

  • Does your logo accurately represent your mission and/or purpose?

  • Does your organization have a website that is updated regularly?

  • Is your website well-designed and promoted prominently to draw customers to it?

  • Does your enterprise use online marketing as well as traditional advertising?

  • Do you have a short tagline that gets to the heart of your purpose?

  • Does everyone in your organization know its purpose?

Feel your pulse:

  • Do you have a written business plan?

  • Do you have a written marketing plan?

  • Have you set five or six strong but attainable goals for this year?

  • Have you set deadlines and determined responsibility for reaching each goal?

  • Do you request and review periodic reports on progress?

  • Is your organization equipped with the right software and hardware tools to do business in a post covid-19 era?

Weigh your potential:

  • Does your organization provide the best possible customer service?

  • Do you survey your customers for feedback on a regular basis?

  • Do you make at least four contacts a year with each existing customer?

  • Do you have a ‘potential customer list’ and keep track of efforts made to recruit them?

  • Do you have ‘customer appreciation strategies, programs, or events?

After checking all symptoms of success that your organization currently covers, email your results to and schedule an initial meeting at no charge.

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