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Custom Wix Coding Solutions

  •  Multiple locations on google map: Show multiple locations on one single google map.

  • Saving search parameters across multiple pages: Go back to the search page and keep your search filters from before.

  • Dark Mode: Save your users eyes, allow them to enable dark mode.

  • Toggle State: A toggle button can change the state of an image, text and more.

  • reCAPTCHA within forms: Add reCAPTCHA to your forms to prevent bots from filling up your inbox.

  • Image/Text Animations: Animate your text/Images with Velo.

  • Custom Menu Bars: Produce a Mega Menu or Custom Drop Down Menu.

  • Collapsible and Expandable elements: Expand/Collapse/Show/Hide any Wix element based on the condition.

  • Questionnaire/Quiz App: Build out a Questionnaire or Quiz that allows you to collect data or test the user.

  • Build a quote tool: Provide instant quotes to your end users.

  • Search Functionality: Add Filters, Queries and Data to your page to allow users to search items inside a collection.

  • 3rd Party API’s: Depending on the API, documentation would need to be provided.

  • Dynamic Pages based off the data inside of a collection: Dynamic Pages are great for pages that are commonly repeated.

  • Custom Forms: Powerful data collecting forms that can track all your user inputs.

  • Text Automations using Twilio: Send texts to your users! Customer needs to register and pay for twilio themselves.

  • Email Automations with Wix: Using triggered emails, send your users emails depending on the action they do on your site.

  • Database Migration: Bring over data from an external database to a Wix Collection.

  • Special Event Functions: When a user clicks, hovers, moves or changes a element. Trigger a special function. 

  • Personalized Login/Registration System: Custom Registration to collect any field needed. 

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Wix Stores Custom Solutions

  • Custom Store Filters: Add store filters to your e-commerce site to easily navigate through your products.

  • Product Configurator: With a product configurator the user can select multiple different preset's of a product while building their own custom product based on the combination they choose.

  • Product Reviews Section: Allow site members to review your products.

  • Upsell Products: Inside of the cart upsell your products to drive more revenue for your business.

  • Bulk Add to Cart: A button in which can add multiple items to a cart as a group rather than adding each individual item.

  • Back In stock Notifications: Notify customers when an item is back in stock.

  • Low In Stock Notifications: Notify customers when an item is low in stock.

  • Triggered Lighboxes: Display a lightbox when a user has a set amount or item in their cart.

  • Wishlist Functionality: Allow users to save their favorite items to their profile.

  • Related Items Section: Display to customers a set of items similar to the one they have chose.